Review Policies

I will accept physical book copies as well as ePub and ARC copies. For ePubs, I accept Kindle and .PDF files.

If you would like to send me a book for review then you can contact me at: Please be sure to include in the email a description of the book and any other details you'd like me to include in the review.

At this time I accept Young Adult and Middle Grade books for review in the following genres: contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and dystopian and I will not review books in the horror genre. I prefer books to have very little to no profanity and drinking. I also prefer not to read books about rape, suicide, shootings, and graphic murder/violence.

I work hard to publish reviews right after I've finished the book but within a week of finishing it at the most. I am also willing to work with deadlines if possible.

If I accept a book, I will always make sure to write a review for it on this blog. However, I reserve the right to not finish a book (or review it) if the book turns out to include things I'm not comfortable reading (such as a lot of profanity or violence for example).  I also post reviews on Goodreads. All opinions are my own and are honest but nice and constructive.

I will try hard to respond to every request but reserve the right to decline a book if I'm not interested or don't have time for a review at the time of the request.

I post at the top of a review where I've received the book and if I've received a book for free in exchange for an honest review.


5 Stars: One that I loved from the very beginning of the book until the very end. It is a book that has very little to nothing in it that I did not enjoy. It is also one that I would read again and one that I would recommend to others. This book has just made it to my very favorites list.

4 Stars: I may not have liked this book from beginning to end but I still really enjoyed reading it. It had a few things in it that I may not have enjoyed but gosh I loved it anyway. This may also be one I would read again and recommend to others.

3 Stars: There were several things I personally didn’t like about the book but overall I still enjoyed reading it and thought it was very well written. I most likely won’t read this book again but I’m still glad I read it.

2 Stars: There were very few things I liked about this book and just couldn’t get into it or it felt like a chore to get through

1 Star: I didn’t enjoy this book. Maybe I liked one or two things about it but overall I had to force myself to finish it.


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