Camp Nanowrimo April: Week Two Update

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Every Sunday I will be posting about my progress on my rough draft that I am writing during Camp Nanowrimo for April. 

(Don't know what Camp Nanowrimo is? Click on the links to find out more! If you love to write then you'll love Camp Nanowrimo!) 

I will include things like my favorite line written from the week, how I'm feeling about my writing, insights, and more! So be sure to check back here every Sunday! Also I would love to hear how your camp experience is going if you are participating. Be sure to let me know down in the comments. We can cheer each other on.

You can read more about my project here: My April Camp Nanowrimo Project

Word Count Stats
*Note: These numbers do not include yesterday or today's word count 

My Total Word Goal: 30,000
Total Words Written:  24,099
Words Written This Week: 10,561
Words Left: 5,901

Writing Samples:

First Sentence I wrote: I started going over in my head the question that had been nagging at me.

Last Sentence I wrote: I knew I needed to go see Sam and make sure he was alright.

Favorite Line/Sentence: Time moved so fast that the world was a blur, a mixture of colors, and sounds all jumbled together.

Writerly Feelings:

I'm Feeling:  like I'm not sure if I want to go in this direction for my ending anymore. I've written out a bunch of different ideas for how the ending could go and I'll probably try them all out eventually. For now I'm going to continue writing to the outline I prepared. 

I Learned: That writing sad scenes are hard, especially when you really love your characters. I've decided that I want to try writing a lighter and more fun story after this one.

My Best Writing Session: Day 8 because I was really invested in this scene. It was a sad scene to write but it was in my head all day and I kept being drawn back to my computer through out the day to write. No forcing myself to sit down and write on this day!

Trials and Triumphs: There was a lot that was distracting me this week from my writing, but I still sat down and forced myself to make time for my writing. Not all writing sessions were perfect or easy, but I love my characters and I enjoy immersing myself in their world. These characters have been with me since high school and I love writing about them.

Things to Keep in Mind Next Week: I should be able to finish my draft next week and definitely reach my goal of 30,000. So I just need to keep making time for writing. 

Well that's it for now! I hope you enjoyed reading about my progress. Be sure to check back next Sunday for another update!

Are you participating in Camp Nanowrimo this month? Let me know down in the comments how your second week went!

P.S: Find me on the Camp Nanowrimo website here: My Profile Page


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