My April Camp Nanowrimo Project

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Like a lot of readers, I love to write stories as well as read them. Even before I learned how to spell, I loved to come up with my own stories.

Because of my love of story telling, it was no wonder that I fell in love with an event called National Novel Writing Month.

National Novel Writing Month is a non-profit organization that encourages people of all ages from all over the world to sit down and finally write that novel!

While Nanowrimo's big event happens in November, they also host two sessions during April and July. These events are called: Camp Nanowrimo! This April I will be writing the second half of my draft that I started in November.

During the months of April, July, and November I will post Nanowrimo information and updates on my writings as well as continue with bookish related posts.

If you haven't heard of Nanowrimo I highly recommend you check it out and join in!

My 2017 April Camp Nanowrimo Project:

Genre: Young Adult Fiction; Romance; Historical; Religious

Summary: A teenage girl is trying to make sense of life and God while feeling out of control as she deals with loses. When she witnesses the biggest loss of all will she find faith and healing in God or turn from Him forever?

Theme: How can we trust in God when so many bad things are happening?

Pitch: When sixteen year old Millie’s life long beau gets drafted into the military, she has to discover what kind of person she is without him, and what she really wants for her life.

Charlie stopped me and put both hands on my shoulders. “I’m afraid, Mil.”
“You?” I said, shocked. I didn’t think Charlie ever felt afraid. “Of fighting in the war? That’s completely understandable…”
“No, Mil. I’m afraid I’m going to come back and find you’ve forgotten about me.”

I started writing this story many many years ago when I was in twelfth grade. I took a creative writing class and our main project for the year was to write a novella about anything we wanted. I spent months trying to come up with a story and was finally inspired by stories that my grandmother told me about her life as a teenager. Those stories were the spark. 
Over the years this story has evolved and changed so many times. I've had several title changes, and every one of the character's names have changed except one, my character Sam. Even the plot has changed and continues to change.
In 2012 I wrote a very extensive and detailed outline for this novel, tried writing it in November of that year but got frustrated and set it aside. I didn't look at it again until last year, 2016 when I was trying to decide what to write for November's Nanowrimo. Wow! Four whole years without even looking at it! 
In November of last year I wrote 60,000 words (eight chapters) from the outline I had written in 2012. However, my ideas started changing as I was writing the draft and after November I had to redo the second half of my outline. When I finish writing this draft in April, it will be the first time in all these years that I've had a full and complete first draft of this novel (I'm not counting the novella I wrote for school). 
The novel is already a very long way off from where I'd like it to be. I need a more concise plot, a lot more character development, and more research on the era (it's set from the summer of 1944 to after the war ended in September of 1945). I don't even know if I'll keep this as a historic fiction novel, but I'm getting closer to where I need to be by actually finishing a draft. So it feels very good. Who knows, maybe I'll actually get it where it needs to be to be published one day? Right now I'm just enjoying the journey. 

Are you participating in Camp Nanowrimo? I'd love to hear about your project! Let me know what it is down in the comments or link me to your blog or youtube video if you've discussed it there.

Happy Writing!


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