Introducing My July 2016 Camp Nanowrimo Project

Friday, June 24, 2016

Sorry I've been so inactive on the blog lately. I've been in a bit of a reading slump the past two months, but hoping I'll get out of that soon. I should have some wrap up and haul posts up soon!

There is less than a week until the second session of Camp Nanowrimo and I'm getting pretty excited. I'll be doing my weekly updates again in July so keep a look out for those!
You can read all of my updates from the April session by going here: Writing Projects

My 2016 July Camp Nanowrimo Project:

Working Title: The Scavenger Girls

Genre: Contemporary, Friendship

POV: Multiple points of view; 1st Person

Rough Summary:

Lacey, Sammie, Carmen, and Tatum want tickets to the one night only, sold out concert for their all time favorite boy band, Taking Back Autumn.
Lucky for them their favorite radio station, 104.5 WPOP -FM is running a contest to win four front row tickets to the show. The girls have moved their way through the contest, becoming one of the final two groups. All they have to do to win now is, do everything on the scavenger hunt list and be the first group back to the radio station table.
But they have a long list and only two hours, and the contest is at their local theme park on one of the busiest days of the summer. 
Little do they know that, their rival team will stop at nothing to make sure the girls lose. 
Let the shenanigans begin!

I got an idea spark for this story after seeing a poster that said something about roller coasters, bubble gum, and unicorns. Then my imagination went from there. 
Growing up I've loved going to my local theme park and the theme park in this story is inspired by my local park. This story is also a tribute to my teen years when I was obsessed with a popular boy band. It's a bit embarrassing how much I loved that band, now that I look back on it. But it made my young teen years more fun and bearable. Music inspired me, got me through rough times, and helped me to hang on and keep going. I love how powerful music and friendship can be and I hope to show this in the story. 
There won't be any romance in this story, it's just going to be about having fun with friends, crushes, getting into trouble, and enjoying the magic of music and summer.

Are you participating in Nanowrimo? I'd love to hear what you're planning to write! Let me know down in the comments!

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  1. This sounds like an awesome adventure story! I wish you words :D

  2. Gosh, I wish I could create awesome mock covers like that for my projects! :) I love this idea and I love that we're in a cabin together! You're killing it so far!! I need to get my ass in gear! :)

    1. Thank you! You can! I used you should check it out :) I love that we're in a cabin too! I'm a bit behind but hoping to get caught up this weekend. Good luck with your writing! :)


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