Motivation Monday: Camp Nanowrimo: Let's get that rough draft written

Monday, April 4, 2016

For me, April means Camp Nanowrimo and every Monday during April will be all about getting motivated to keep writing. Each Monday I'll share a quote that will hopefully help writers who are participating in Camp Nanowrimo and writers who are just writing on their own. So keep a look out every Monday for that! Read on to get todays motivational quote...

Nothing can be more intimidating for a writer than thinking that your first draft has to be perfect and ready to publish the first time around. The truth of the matter is, that your first draft will not be perfect and that's okay. 

There's been many times where I've started a rough draft only to give up because it sounded terrible and I felt like I was writing a bunch of garbage. I keep having to remind myself that it may sound like garbage now but the garbage can be edited out later. First drafts can be re-written and re-written again until I feel like it's ready to be seen by other human eyes. There's been many times where I've written something thinking it was the worst piece of writing ever, only to go back to it months later and think that it wasn't nearly as bad as I had thought.

When you're speed writing a novel rough draft, it is of course going to be even messier and that's okay too. The point of Nanowrimo is not to have a perfect manuscript that's ready to be shipped off to a publisher by the end of the month. The point is to get you to write that first rough draft as quickly as possible other wise you may not ever take the time to do it. The actual art of getting a manuscript ready for publication can take months or years even, but you'll never get to that point if you don't take the time to get your draft written.

If you feel like giving up because you're frustrated with your writing or feel like it'll never be good enough, then take heart because every writer before you has felt the same way at some point in the writing process. The difference between those who have succeeded and those who have not is that the one's who have succeeded, pushed through the self doubt and wrote anyway. Write because you love it, write because you will feel proud that you've pushed yourself and accomplished something that many give up on. When the month is over and you're looking at your rough draft you can be proud of yourself because you pushed through. 

Whether you write thirty words or a million you should be proud of yourself for even trying. There are many who want to write but life gets in the way, things get busy.  That's understandable, but don't stop writing just because you feel you aren't good enough to write your story or because you're afraid it's no good.  You are good enough and you can do this, but it doesn't matter what anyone else says to you. People can tell you you're good enough all they want but until you really believe it about yourself it won't matter. So tell yourself you can do it, keep writing, and prove to yourself you can.

What motivates you to push through self doubt and keep writing? Let me know down in the comments!


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