Lost Your Scrivener File and Didn't Back it Up? Don't Panic You May Be Able to Get it Back...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

If you are a writer then you will understand my fear and panic when I went to work on my story and found that the file had disappeared off of the USB I'd been saving it too.

Like a dope I hadn't backed up my story any where else in several days and I began to panic that all of my hard work and my precious characters would be gone forever. It may sound a bit dramatic to some, but I put my heart into my work and losing it would be the worst thing ever! (Okay maybe not the worst thing ever but it would be terrible.)

The evil culprit usb that tried to kill my characters...

Never in my life did I think Hello Kitty would betray me like this. Why Hello Kitty? Why?

Anyway, I tried to recover the files on the USB and I was able to recover every file EXCEPT the scrivener file. Which was the most important file on the thing and the only file I hadn't backed up some where else. (Stupid I know)

Well, I may have been using Scrivener for a few years now but there are apparently still features about it that I don't yet know. Last night I discovered a new feature and I love Scrivener even more for it! Scrivener automatically backs up your work!

You can designate what folder your backups go to, but if you're like me and you didn't know about this lovely feature then you won't know where those back ups are going.  Here's how you can find them...

Open up Scrivener and go to "Scrivener" then "Preferences" and then "Backup"...

You will then need to click "Open backup folder..." and you will be taken to the magical land where your backed up files reside!

You will find them as zipped files and will need to use a program to unzip them. As soon as you've done that they are ready to be opened! And viola you can continue your writing, but only after you've backed up your story in several different places!

Remember my lovely friends, to back up, back up, back up!! You don't want to lose all or your hard work!

Thank you Scrivener for doing what I didn't so that my precious characters could live to see another day!

Do you have any horror stories about losing work? Any triumphant recovery tales? Let me know down in the comments!

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  1. Also, you can have Scrivener auto backup to a Dropbox account, so if your computer dies, or your flash drive is stolen, you can access your writing from any new device.


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