Camp Nanowrimo April: Week Two Update

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Every Saturday I will be posting about my progress on my rough draft that I am writing during Camp Nanowrimo for April. (Don't know what Camp Nanowrimo is? Click on the links to find out more! If you love to write then you'll love Camp Nanowrimo!) I will include things like my favorite line written from the week, how I'm feeling about my writing, insights, and more! So be sure to check back here every Saturday! Also I would love to hear how your camp experience is going if you are participating, so be sure to let me know down in the comments. We can cheer each other on.

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Word Count Stats:

*NOTE: These numbers do not include today's word count (cause I haven't written yet today)

Total Words Written: 26,880

Words Written This Week: 13,758

Words Left: 23,120

Writing Samples:

First Sentence I Wrote:  I was relieved when I didn’t see Mal or Elmo sitting in the circle.

Last Sentence I wrote: And the look on his face and the way he mouthed the words made me want to break out into tears all over again.

My Favorite Line/Sentence: “If things were different, Charlie, I would choose you.”

My Favorite Scene: As we both walked down the hall in two different directions I tried to force myself not to turn back but when I gave in, I turned to see him looking back at me over his shoulder. He winked at me and it was that last look that I would hold on to along with the knowledge that he did love me and I loved him. No matter what the future would hold, the knowledge that he felt that way right then would be enough.

Writerly Feelings:

I'm Feeling: A lot better now about writing this month! I've had four days this month where I wrote nothing and one day where I only wrote about a hundred words. I was feeling really discouraged but I'm determined not to let that get me down. In the past I've given up all together because of a few bad days, but I don't want that to happen anymore. Now I've gotten out of my slump and feeling so far so good!

I Learnt: That it's important not to let a few days of discouragement cripple you and keep you from doing what you love. Also I'm learning to write down all of my ideas that I have even if they don't seem very good at the time. This has opened me up and allowed the ideas to flow even more. Don't hold back, just write and see where it takes you!

My Best Writing Session: My best session was on day twelve when I wrote nearly 5,000 words in one sitting. The ideas and words were flowing and I was enjoying what I wrote. I wrote for the love of writing and not for the sake of getting word count. Those days are rare so when they happen it feels so good!

Trials, Tribulations & Triumphs: Even though I had done quite a bit of planning on my story before camp, the characters just weren't speaking to me for some reason. In November (with my other story) I never had that happen, the words just kept coming and coming. It felt great! Then I had characters from a previous, unfinished novel start talking up a storm. They wanted their story to be told and now. So I've just been writing about them and since I started doing that the words have been flowing with no problems. Usually in November I like to make a commitment to stick to one story, but camp is a lot more relaxed. So I'm just going to go with it. I'm happy to be writing and to be enjoying it. That's what these events are about, for me anyways.

Things to Keep in Mind Next Week: Don't stress; enjoy writing; remember the words don't have to be perfect, they just have to be written; don't give up, you've got this!

Well that's it for now! I hope you enjoyed reading about my progress. Be sure to check back next Saturday for another update! Also you can see daily updates on my twitter feed

Are you participating in Camp Nanowrimo this month? Let me know down in the comments how your second week went!

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