Motivation Monday: Afraid to write? Write anyway!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Every Monday I will share quotes and insights to get you inspired! Since it is less than a week until Camp Nanowrimo I will be sharing some writerly quotes to get you inspired and excited to write!


I don't know about you, but as a writer and an artist, I have so many doubts about my work and whether or not I'm really any good. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just an imposter. Am I really meant to be an artist or am I just fooling myself into thinking I could actually be a writer? I think about all of the writers out there who've been published and how they must all have something I don't, that I could never be like them. 

But the truth is, even the most famous of writers still have doubts. The difference is that they write anyway. The difference between a successful writer and one who is not is this: a successful writer never gave up no matter how much doubt they had, and no matter how hard things got. If you love to write (or create art or what ever the case may be) then just do it. Press past the fear and doubt and write because you love it, because it's something you really want to do. This is something I have to constantly remind myself. So what if there will be people out there who don't like my writing. The fact of the matter is, because of all of the different view points and opinions we have as diverse human beings, there is no possible way on earth to ensure that every single person will love everything you do. It will not happen, and that's okay. It can be worth the effort if only one person loves what you've done, even if that one person is you, because you are enough. If you work hard at something you should always be proud of yourself.

So don't let fear and doubt cripple you or keep you from doing something you love. Get out there and write. Be proud because you've accomplished something. Be proud because you've created something from nothing. And that is a beautiful thing.

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What fears are keeping you from writing? Make a list and then decide to write anyway!

Are you participating in Camp Nanowrimo? What are you planning to write? If not what current projects are working on? Let me know down in the comments!


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